Grow Your Business with Local Marketing (East Medinipur)

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When I relocated to Chicago years ago with very little knowledge about the city and new neighborhood, I met my most influential friend Google. It helped me to find the vendors, businesses and specialists whom I need to meet in the new city to make myself feel comfortable. Starting from locating the nearest hair salon to gym and appliance repairing service providers – I get to know about everything with the help of Google. But it is essential to understand that Google cannot have assisted me in discovering these without those businesses investing in local marketing.

Very few people know that near about 97% of people get to learn about local companies through online searches as compared to any other medium. It has been found that near about 88% of online searches conducted on mobile phones for local businesses result in business visits or calls within a single day.

Investing in local marketing is one of the most crucial strategies today if you are business having a brick and mortar location, caters to local audiences or has multiple service areas. In this post, we have breakdown the entire local marketing strategy along with quintessential strategies to help you kick start the process.

What is local marketing?

It is the kind of marketing strategy that targets customers and consumers within a specific radius of the physical location of an organization or business. Local marketing can also be termed as local store marketing or neighborhood marketing.

Even if you have a single brick and mortar business location, which applies to local chains and businesses, this marketing strategy should be considered as a must-have to your arsenal. It can work for any brand having a physical location, but especially essential for businesses having a local presence where primary business deals occurs in person.

Local marketing enables you to utilize your resources on a specific pool of audience – one who can respond as well as shop from your print and digital advertisements.

Defining the persona of your buyer accurately is the primary factor behind successful local marketing. This process leads to a better understanding of the physiographic and demographic details of your target audience group, including geographic locations. Location data helps you to pinpoint the funnel for your local marketing energy.

From the aforementioned information if you think that local marketing sounds like a perfect approach for your business, let’s note down the strategies. If applied with precisions can help in attracting new customers for your company.

What are the strategies involved in local marketing?

  • Localizing your website
  • Ensuring your website is entirely mobile-friendly
  • Localizing the paid advertising
  • Going local on social media platforms
  • Staying active in communities
  • Leveraging E-Commerce activities
  • Investing in local search engine optimization
  • Focusing on local media
  • Claiming local listings for your business on third-party directories and websites

We have discussed the prime local marketing tactics that are useful for attracting new business from local areas and neighborhoods. Combination of all the strategies according to the requirements can rather help in strengthening the local marketing impact.

Mobile-friendly website

Do you know that more than half of the internet traffic across the world happens on mobile devices?

You will be surprised to know that near about 61% of mobile searches contact local businesses having mobile-friendly websites. Having a mobile-friendly site is crucial to attract new business deals, especially local consumers.

The specialty of this kind of site is that they load seamlessly when accessed from mobile devices. Also, it shows in the form of bigger texts, menus, form fields and patterns that make altogether easier to browse the information available on the go.

Even before you embark on the local marketing strategies that I have listed below for your convenience, confirm that your site is completely mobile friendly. You can even use Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test Tool to ensure the response meter of your website.

Website localization

Website localizing involves making the content available on your web relevant to the consumer base and local audience. Firstly, you can add location-based terms to the site. For instance, you can use search terms like the “best printing store in East Medinipur” instead of “printing store.”

Localize website contents wherever required, and it’s necessary to keep the language consistent between social media, website and digital advertisements.

Secondly, you can add location pages to websites that is particularly essential when you have more than one physical store locations. These pages usually publish the name, phone number, address and other important information related to your business, as well as, also help to rank you on the local SERPs.

Local listing claims on third-party directories and websites

There are plenty of third-party directories, websites and review sites known for highlighting local businesses and consumers for appropriate shopping. It’s not a great idea to miss out on this traffic as a local business.

These websites are essential for search intent purposes and SEO. For instance, consistency between your address, name and phone number details is essential, and you can establish that online through the help of these directories.

Google my business can be defined as one of the most quintessential listings that every business wants to have. It helps business details to show up when users search for your industry name and products.

This process equipped consumers to leave reviews, which is another critical part of drumming local businesses. These listings can be created through Yellow Pages, Better Business Bureau, Yelp and Foursquare. You can simplify the process using Moz Local if you want to avoid doing it manually.

On the basis of your industry, you can go for service-specific listing as well,

Setting up the listings can register my business presence online and enhances the ranking on search engines. Besides, these sites fuel word-of-the-mouth marketing, which is considered as one of the strongest marketing strategies by far.

Local SEO Investments

Local searches help in getting leads from more than 50% of the mobile users who visit stores within the next 24 hours. Without local search engine optimization service it would not have been possible at all. Local SEO optimizes sites to rank them using locally relevant keywords and terms. The all popular Google Trends serves as a powerful tool for identifying terms popular in your locality and related to your industry.

Apart from localizing sites, it also creates local contents, helps in promoting neighborhood events, local gatherings and industry listings from your region. This particular kind of content aids in localizing your site and identifying you as a local authority.

Localizing paid advertising

Undeniably local advertising is a valuable way of connecting with local audiences. This strategy helps in targeting specific personas and audiences on the basis of location and involves the addition of relevant keywords to your advertisement content.

Go local on the numerous social media platforms.

Social media is the most efficient and quickest way of connecting with global and local shoppers alike. Most of the platforms on social media offer localization opportunities like tagging locations of one another and setting up specific locations in the profile.

Becoming a proactive community member

We are always proud of the town, city or the neighborhoods we reside in, including the local organizations and businesses. So when you support the community as an employer and business, you are also likely going to get support from the community in return.

When you stay active with non-profit activities, community school events, local sports teams, county fairs and expositions, you’re making the indirect promotion of your brand. Even if it’s not possible for you to attend physically in person, consider sponsoring events to attract eyes on your company or brand name.

Do not commit the mistake of forgetting the local media.

Despite several new marketing mediums coming up with every passing year, the local news consumption still holds the apex position in the agenda. Local media is one of the most trusted sources among consumers to stay updated about their neighborhoods and communities; it also includes economy and business-related information.

Investing in radio advertisements, putting up an ad in the local newspaper or finding ways to appear in the morning news shows of your town can never go wrong. You just want to announce the grand opening of your business or public your brand name among the targeted pool of audiences – nothing can be better than the local media exposure.

E-Commerce leveraging activities

It is not necessary that local marketing and eCommerce have to be mutually exclusive. Both of them can bring forth new business deals and offer excellent experiences for your clients. Besides, you can even use eCommerce for boosting your local business.

For instance, you can consider providing an in-store coupon on online purchases or free in-store returns or pickup services. These powerful strategies will help you to get customers knocking at the door and eagerly browsing your store, including those who have discovered you through online mediums.

Local marketing concepts

  • Distributing marketing materials in the local
  • Becoming a local sponsor
  • Investing in multiple boot spaces at the local events
  • Holding endless contests on social media platforms
  • Setting up suggestion boxes
  • Using sidewalk signs

Distributing print marketing materials

Designing and printing premium quality business cards, flyers postcards and car magnets serve as physical pieces of your brand for your consumers to hold on to. At the same time, they can equip them with the marketing tools on your behalf. You can even include freebie coupons or small discounts on the business cards to get customers.

Becoming a local sponsor

You can make your new customers aware of the presence of your business by sponsoring local events, sports teams and non-profit fundraisers. This powerful marketing strategy enables you to showcase your products and services or brand on marketing materials, signage, and even uniforms.

Booth space investments at local events

You can gain the attention of new eyes to your organization by purchasing a booth space in the local events. The purchasing price depends on the event as well as anticipated attendance. However, it’s always a beneficial investment. You can even give a branded merchandise to connect with the local community members.

Social media contests

Using digital channels and social media platforms can help in increasing foot traffic. You can consider setting up a contest where participants can get on the social media platforms and collect their awards in person. Offering free giveaways for discounts is also one of a great ways to engage shoppers on your social media profiles. You can share their purchases or tag the organization on Twitter or Facebook.

Using the sidewalk sign

Signage holds attraction of local shoppers quickly, and when you set up a sidewalk sign outside your shop, undeniably it attracts shoppers driving or walking by. Just ensure to add your business name, contact number and business hours. Billboard advertising is another great option, especially when you are marketing in a heavily trafficked region.

Suggestion box

It is always a great idea to ask people to learn ways of attracting new customers. When you set up a suggestion box in your business and allow visitors to share their feedback as well as experience in an anonymous way, it will help you to get new concepts. Checking out this box weekly and implementing something new will lead to better growth.

Grow your business with local marketing investment

Local marketing helps in reaching new audiences as well as boosting search rankings and online traffic. Besides, it provides you with every possible opportunity to establish your business in the local community. Investing in these local marketing strategies can help you to get new customers knocking at the door.





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